How It Works

Your body is comprised of energy that exists in an energy field around itself and each one of its components.

Virtual Clinic Scan works by connecting with your body through this energy field. This is similar to how a phone works; both Virtual Clinic Scan and we as humans send out a vibration and when these two vibrations connect they communicate with each other. Imbalances can then be located through five modules and analyzed on several levels, many of them deeper than any other system today.

Based on the analysis an optimization is then prescribed, perfectly attuned to your specific needs at that moment in time. Virtual Clinic Scan has access to thousands of health solutions from all over the world to create the optimization that gives you exactly what you wish for.

Uses And Benefits

Virtual Clinic Scan can help you with your personal life as well as with business development.

Personal life and Health

Virtual Clinic Scan can be used to optimize your personal body, mental and emotional health, your spiritual wellbeing as well as your physical surroundings.
The scan can be done from the comfort of your own home, no need to come into an office! Save time, money and energy by receiving your customized scan and optimization online. This means no longer wasting work hours, dragging your children out of school or getting someone to drive you to your appointment. You’ll have plenty of time left to create your most meaningful life!

Experience Virtual Clinic Scan for yourself to discover how it can be of use for you. Sign up for a free 14-day trail to receive a complete body scan and optimization. Send your name and email address to to start on the road to holistic wellbeing.

Business and Wealth

Virtual Clinic Scan is also available for business. Use it to analyze, control and optimize your corporate power and apply its many functionalities to improve financial health, strategic planning, Human Resources, risk management and much more.

The Business Module, or Wealth Scan, gives you all the relevant information you wish for within seconds and runs in the background 24/7. Meanwhile you can keep your focus on running your business. It is like having a business coach doing all the hard work for you!

For more information contact us, or try the free 14 days experience.


Virtual Clinic Scan has various module to help you. 

The five modules we use  are listed here:

Organ Coherence Module

This module makes an organ scan of the whole body. It is based on the electromagnetic energy field that every organ consists of. The organ coherence analysis examines the quality of energy in, around and between the organs and allows you to quickly receive an in depth overview of which organ groups are under- or overregulated and which ones are optimally balanced. The organ coherence database contains information of all essential organs and systems of the human body that are divided into 52 categories with more than 2.000 organ details.

Sound Therapy Module

The Sound Therapy module stimulates the brain through specific acoustic frequencies that have a positive effect on the overall wellbeing. The body’s energy field is analyzed for which exact frequencies, chosen from the huge databases that are available, are needed for the highest therapeutic benefit. Types of frequencies used include brain frequencies, DNA frequencies and healing frequencies in Hz. It is also possible to receive an mp3 recording of an optimization frequency that is specifically tailored to your needs.

Virtual Acupuncture Module

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), meridians are channels in which our vital energy (Chi) flows. In this system, there are 12 main meridians, each associated with an organ or its system. Among the thousands of energy and acupuncture points along the meridians, the Virtual Acupuncture Module finds those that can be stimulated in the energy field to eliminate a particular problem in that location in the body.

Chakra Aura Module

The Chakra Aura Module provides a different view of the chakra and endocrine system, which according to Ayurveda and TCM are in direct connection with each other. The module analyzes the very fine electromagnetic field that is radiated from the skin surface (the aura) and uses the colors of the seven chakras to create a visualization of the body’s energy centers. This provides clear insight into which chakras are imbalanced and why, finding the cause of the imbalance on an emotional level.

Business Module: Wealth Scan

Imagine you have access to a cloud of relevant information about your business and access to all the information that controls the physical and psychological (and thus business-related processes) in the background. Wealth Scan is designed to give you just that. It uses a system of monitoring and optimizing. First the whole target area is considered and then thousands of databases are used to bring the different subject areas, operational circumstances and human behaviors in that area in coherence.

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By Clients


Rachel, 62

“I went through severe surgery in 2015. The doctors at the hospital told me recovery would take four months. While recovering in the hospital I contacted Virtual Clinic Scan and received optimization of the surgery scars and my immune system as well as full detoxification of my body. After just two weeks I was released from the hospital with an optimal blood test and one month later I was completely recovered and could return to my regular life.”


Sandra, 28

“I have suffered from phobias since early childhood and I could not maintain a healthy lifestyle, as I went through panic attacks often. After contacting Virtual Clinic I started the Platinum subscription, receiving weekly scans and optimizations. The core reasons of my emotional issues in particular were found through the Chakra Aura Scan and Virtual Acupuncture Scan. I am now free of emotional struggles and doing very well. I am getting married soon and plan to continue the weekly scans to maintain optimal health and lifestyle.”


Stephan, 57

“I had an accident falling from a high ledge when I was trying to fix my roof. I was rushed to emergency room where I was diagnosed with several bruised ribs and torn muscles. After a friend referred me to Virtual Clinic I went through the scan and it showed that the deeper tissues and fascia were imbalanced and out of coherence. Treating both with sound frequencies and a vibration of homeopathy, as well as general optimization of my body, I was completely pain free after six weeks. Now I am a Gold subscribed  and I feel younger than ever.”


By Doctors

doctor 1

Dr. Angela Holegarden, MD. The Netherlands

“I have been using this body scan system for a great variety of applications since 2007. The use of frequencies in the Sound Therapy Module gave me a strong new impulse while treating a former Dutch cycling professional. He was diagnosed with a skin abnormality on the nose and the recommended treatment was surgery. After only five sessions using the frequency therapy as well as other modules, complimented by optimization  homeopathic remedies, that same skin condition was decreased to such a state that the doctors cancelled surgery.”

doctor 2

Dr. Martin Seinfeld, MD. United States.

“I have known this body scan system since 2009 and work with all available modules in our Health Care Center. In my practice I have had three cases of trauma that were all treated successfully with the scan and complimentary orthomolecular remedies. Furthermore I have had fantastic results treating Lyme disease. When determining pathological root canal problems, the body scan is the perfect helping tool.”


Dr. Sylvia Bartley, MD. United Kingdom

“I have been working as a medical doctor for over 25 years and have been involved with natural health care for more than 20 years. Since 2008 I have been working with this body scan exclusively and have had the best experiences of my life with it. Whether for allergies or cancer, I use the scan for all diagnosis. It does not have any side effects and achieves the most effective healing responses.”

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  • 1 optimization session
  • 2 modules



  1. Twice monthly check-up
  2. 2 optimization sessions
  3. 3 Modules



  • Weekly check-up
  • 4 optimization sessions
  • mp3 audio with individual optimization frequency

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